9 Health Benefits of Mountain Hiking for Your Body

    We had showing in other article the health benefits of mountain hiking for your mind especially for mental health and memory loss prevention. On this article we will show you the health benefits by doing mountain hiking for your body.


    9 Health Benefits of Mountain Hiking for Your Body

    “Climbing or Hiking is not only about conquering a mountain, but also about conquering your ego, emotions and surpassing the limit in yourself,”

    Nowadays there are lot of people that already fall in love with mountain hike activity. Although there is many of them feel tired, get swollen feet, even get chilled when do mountain hike, but it turns out there are 9 health benefits that can be obtained by the body when do mountain hike regularly.

    Let’s find out the 9 health benefits for your body

    1. Stronger Healthy Heart and Lung

    The first benefit that you can gain is stronger heart and lung. When you do mountain hike you will feel your heart beat getting faster and your breath getting heavier but it’s not because you have problem with your heart and lung but because your heart and lung starting to working hard to give you enough power so you can keep to hike, especially when you try to do mountain hike for the first time.


    You must know your own limit, so if you already feeling your heart beat getting faster, it’s being recommended to take a rest about 2-5 minutes to slowing down your heart beat slowly before continuing the hike.

    This activities will gain you stronger healthy heart and lung slowly but sure. And if you do it regularly it will reduce heart attack and stroke also you will get better blood circulation.

    2. Increasing Body Stamina

    God created human body in a special way, completely different from man made goods. More often man made goods are used, more faster it will get broken, but human body will get stronger by doing outdoor exercise routinely, just make sure you know your own body limit and not doing it excessively.

    By doing hike regularly, you will get better stamina. Your body endurance will also getting better because your body also being trained by ever-changing mountain temperatures.

    3. Better Solid Bones and Can Prevent Osteoporosis

    There is many ways to maintain the density of your bones, such as by doing walking, going up and down stairs, and sunbathe in the morning.

    You will get all of them by doing mountain hike because when doing mountain hike at least you will need to walk around 1km to get to the top of the mountain and also the lane was not flat, this will make you like walking on the stairs. You will also can get morning sunlight when you do sunrise hunt in the morning.

    All of this activities will make your bones density better and with good solid bones it can prevent osteoporosis.

    4. Improving Memory

    “Exercising (including mountain hike) can increase energy and serotonin in the brain”, said David Atkinson

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    A director from Cooper Venture Development Program, as one division from Cooper Aerobic Center in Dallas, United States has conducted a research which give conclusion that by doing outdoor exercise is able to increase the production of serotonin hormone.

    Serotonin hormone have a function as brain modulator to stabilize emotions and improve concentration. So it can be said that brain’s memory will get better if you do outdoor exercise such as mountain hike/climbing.

    5. Stress Relieve

    We all know that mind can affects the body conditions. A tired and stressed mind can weakening your body. By doing mountain hike, it can reduce stress level on human mind or brain. Why ? Because by moving your body and make it sweating will give the body a relaxing effect that can relieve your stress and make you happy.

    Not only that, the green scenery, blue color sky, and cool fresh air on the mountain can also calm your mind and can make you feel more comfortable.

    6. Natural Breast and Prostate Cancer Remedies

    As quoted from CNN, mountain hike not only beneficial to get a healthy body but also can healing breast cancer. This research has been conducted and published by International Journal of Sport and Medicine.

    Researchers measured oxidative stress which acts as the cause of breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men, before and after hiking. The results were surprisingly because hiking activity was able to restore and treat breast and prostate cancer sufferers.

    7. Stronger and Flexible Legs

    Walking is the right way to get flexible and strong legs. Mountain hike will make you to use your feet as the main pedestal. Even if you only walk along the hiking track, mountain hike can actually make your legs more stronger and flexible.

    8. Natural Weight Loss Program

    Mountain hike requires one to move by walking and can burn calories in the body. For overweight person’s by doing mountain hike regularly will help them to get some weight loss.

    So, even you are in vacation you still can burn your fat and calories by doing mountain hike.

    9. Reduce The Risks of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot produce insulin properly (a blood sugar regulating hormone), which causes blood sugar to rise.

    According to research, physical activity and regular eating are the best ways to deal with diabetes. Mountain hike can be a substitute for physical activity as one of diabetes prevention.

    There are so many health benefits by doing mountain hike and you do not need to be afraid of being tired since your body will adapt to it when you do it regularly and you will also get positive effects for your body.