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KPOP Artists Kang Daniel Got Depression Disorders and Getting Worse

Kang Daniel
One of Kpop artists, Kang Daniel was previously reported got depressed, and now KONNECT Entertainment as his management make a statement that his condition was getting worse. The management also deciding to stop Kang Daniel activities for a while to treat his conditions...

Air Pollution Can Affecting People Mental Health

Air Pollution Can Affecting Someone Mental Health
Air pollution already became one of the source problems for respiratory disease. Recently there is air pollution effects that can be felt in various areas due to forest fires, industrial waste, or vehicle emission. Not only give impact to physical health, air pollution also...

When Should You Seeking Help from a Psychologist ?

Psychology Consultation
Mental health disorders, such as depression and stress can affecting your life quality. If this condition being ignored, it can certainly make your overall condition even worse. However, there are still many people who are confused when they should seek help from a psychologist.Read...

6 Travelling Health Benefits for Mental Health

Travelling Ilustration
Travelling Health Benefits for Mental HealthStress and boredom can arise in your daily life and the cause can be by your daily routine work. When that happened then you need to immediately take a vacation. There is lots of vacation method you can do,...

5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health

5 Mountain Hiking Health Benefits Specially for Mental Health
Are you have plans to spend your travelling differently ? Maybe you should try hiking to escape from your daily routine for a while and improving your mental health. Hiking is not a simple runaway activity because it has some health benefits for your...

Men are more HUMOROUS than women ? Find out The Research Facts

Men are more HUMOROUS than women ? Find out The Research Facts
Being humorous or funny seems to be liked by many others but is it true that men are more humorous than women ?Based on a new research by Aberystwyth University and University of North Carolina, it was found out that most women preventing themselves...
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