KPOP Artists Kang Daniel Got Depression Disorders and Getting Worse

    Depression disorders not only affecting normal people, even a KPOP Artist such as Kang Daniel suffer from it.


    Kang Daniel
    One of Kpop artists, Kang Daniel was previously reported got depressed, and now KONNECT Entertainment as his management make a statement that his condition was getting worse. The management also deciding to stop Kang Daniel activities for a while to treat his conditions and overcome his depression problem first.

    “Therefore, today’s pre-recording for ‘Show Champion’ is being canceled. Kang Daniel also not being able to do his promotional activities for TOUCHIN, in reality, it is very difficult for Kang Daniel to promote ‘TOUCHIN’ at this time,” said KONNECT management, as reported by AFP on Wednesday (04/12/2019).

    What is Depression and Why it can disrupting someone daily life

    As quoted from NCBI, “Depression is a major affective disorder characterized by feelings of loss, worthlessness, fatigue, and a general decrease in interest in the usual activities of daily living.”

    Depression is different with sad emotion, sad emotion can be gone in couple of days but depression can continuing and make someone daily life getting worse. In some case a chronic or acute depression can make the sufferers to think about suicide action.

    A psychiatric specialist once said that there are two types of depression that need to be known, which is depression syndrome and depression disorders.


    A depression syndrome is a symptoms that linked to depression but not yet become depression disorders and also not yet affecting the mental health from depression sufferers.

    By knowing this depression syndrome early, people can prevent this syndrome to become depression disorders that will affecting their mental health and their whole life.

    Depression Symptoms

    Depression syndrome occurs when a person experiences depressive symptoms for only a day or two, and is not a persistent symptoms that can be happened for long time.

    This symptoms usually happened because of bad things happened in someone’s life and that they cannot overcome it yet, such as, a children are being bullied in the school and there is no one that can help him/her to overcome it. If this is happened continuously, then the syndrome will become depression disorders that will start to affecting children mental health and life.

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    Depression Disorders

    Depression disorders is a condition where depression syndrome has became a mental health disorders and affecting people’s mental health and daily life.

    Usually this problem is happened if depression syndrome not being handled in more then 2 weeks and when it became depression disorders it’s is being recommended to go to a psychiatric as soon as possible to prevent this mental health disorders become more acute or chronic.

    A chronic or acute condition from depression disorders will even make the sufferers to think about kill them self as they already thinking that their life was worthless and no one will even care if they gone from this world.

    There are some symptoms that need to be known as depression disorders symptoms, such as hopelessness and a sad mood, this symptoms usually accompanied by additional symptoms, such as sleeping difficulty or sleeping too much, no appetite, loss of concentration and unable to perform daily activities.

    And there is one dangerous symptoms that should be known and must be take care which is when depression become more worse the sufferers of depression disorders will have the idea to commit ​​suicide. Usually people who have ideas like that is already consider themselves as worthless person for the people around including the parents.

    By knowing all of these symptoms early, you can prevent a depression syndrome become depression disorders and affecting your or someone you know daily life activities.