Low Carbohydrates Diet Program Causing Dehydration ? Read Doctor Opinion

    Feeling dehydrated in the middle of low carbohydrates diet program ? Read doctor opinion why it happened


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    Low Carbohydrates Diet Program

    Low carbohydrates diet program always claimed to be an effective method for gaining weight loss. One of low carbohydrate diet program that are becoming a trend lately is the Ketogenic Diet Program which is by limiting high carbohydrate consumption from food or drink.

    Carbohydrate are one of nutritions that is stored together with water in your body and that is the reason why you can gaining rapid weight loss after practicing carbohydrate diet program. However, some people said that reducing carbohydrate amount can also decrease your body fluid level.

    Responding to this rumour, Dr. Diana Sunardi, M. Nutrition, SpGK, Head of Indonesian Hydration Working Group, state out that by reducing carbohydrate portion does not have effect to a person body fluid level.

    “Actually, by doing low carbohydrate diet program means fat and protein will be consumed more and because of this reason you will feel more thirsty”, Dr. Diana said.


    But the thirsty feeling you had got doesn’t mean your body fluid level being reduced. Water level in your body will remain the same. However, because of the solid form of fat and protein will make you feel want to drink more water.